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Boiler tubes

Heat exchanger tubes

Welded pipes

L, LL, KLM finned tubes (fin tubes)

high frequency welded (serrated) finned tubes (fin tubes)

(serrated) extruded finned tubes

hot dipped galvanized oval (elliptical) finned tubes, rectangular fin tubes

condenser fin flat tubes

H / double H finned tubes (fin tubes)

Studded Pipes

Laser welded finned tubes (fin tubes)

G embedded finned tubes (fin tubes)

inner finned tubes (fin tubes)

longitudinal finned tubes (fin tubes)

seamless finned tubes with two longitudinal opposite fins

casting alloy tubes

Tube finning machine

Aluminum plates, strips,foils

Aluminum welding wire rod

Aluminum tubes, profile

Economizer for Boiler

air-cooled heat exchanger (air cooler)


standard & specification

Vacuum furnace heat exchanger

Vacuum furnace heat exchanger use efficient phosphor bronze brazing brass copper fin tubes as heat transfer elements. The welding rate between fins and base tubes is 100%, no contact resistance, and fin pitch is well distributed, and operating temperature greater than 600 ° C without loose in the high wall temperature.

Vacuum furnace heat exchanger is gas-water heat exchanger. As a vacuum furnace for heat exchanger device, it is indispensable key equipment with high pressure capacity, ambient temperatures of up to 800 ℃, compact size, large heat transfer area, high efficiency, fast cooling , etc., in vacuum heat treatment furnace cooling process section. There are varieties of specifications for special needs, if the user can be customized.

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