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Boiler tubes

Heat exchanger tubes

Welded pipes

L, LL, KLM finned tubes (fin tubes)

high frequency welded (serrated) finned tubes (fin tubes)

(serrated) extruded finned tubes

hot dipped galvanized oval (elliptical) finned tubes, rectangular fin tubes

condenser fin flat tubes

H / double H finned tubes (fin tubes)

Studded Pipes

Laser welded finned tubes (fin tubes)

G embedded finned tubes (fin tubes)

inner finned tubes (fin tubes)

longitudinal finned tubes (fin tubes)

seamless finned tubes with two longitudinal opposite fins

casting alloy tubes

Tube finning machine

Aluminum plates, strips,foils

Aluminum welding wire rod

Aluminum tubes, profile

Economizer for Boiler

air-cooled heat exchanger (air cooler)


standard & specification

UNS N06455 C4

C4 = UNS N06455, is a relatively new Ni-Cr-Mo alloy with improved resistance at high temperatures. Even when used for a long period of time in the temperature range of 650 - 1050° Celsius, this alloy retains its high ductility and corrosion resistance; furthermore it is highly resistant to grain boundsary separation in the heat-treated zone influenced by welding. Thus it can be employed without heatretreatment. Techalloy C-4 is also highly resistant against stress corrosion cracking and oxidizing atmospheres at temperatures up to 1050° Celsius.


Seamless Tubes: ASTM-B.622
Welded Tubes: ASTM-B-619/626
Plates/Sheets: ASTM-B-575
Fittings: ASTM-B-366
Flange: ASTM-B-564
Specific Weight: 8,64 kg/dm3
Welding methods: Arc welding. TIG (Details on request)
Machineability Table on request
Product forms: Tubes and pipes. sheets and plates.
bars. wire and forgings, fittings and flanges

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