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Air pre-heaters, air heat exchanger

Air pre-heaters, air heat exchanger, also known as heat exchanger or radiator, coolers, etc., is the main equipment in the hot and cold media for cooling or heating air heat exchanger device. Into the high-temperature water can be heated air into the Freon or cold water can cool air, so it can be widely used in papermaking, textile, printing and dyeing, chemical, electricity, food, medicine, wood drying, metallurgy, painting, and other industries hot air heating, air conditioning, cooling, dehumidification, drying and other projects.

Heat Exchanger Design the required process parameters:
Flue gas inlet flow rate: Nm3/h
Flue gas inlet temperature: ℃
Flue gas outlet temperature: ℃
Air inlet flow: Nm3/h
Air inlet temperature: ℃
Air outlet temperature: ℃
Flue gas to allow the pressure drop: mmH2O
Air to allow the pressure drop: mmH2O
Flue gas port size (Import) : mm
(outlet) : mm
Air interface size (inlet) : mm
(outlet): mm


SRZ type is only applicable to the steam system for the air heater used for heating the air in the hot water system, mainly used in hot air heating, air-conditioning systems, air heating and drying equipment, the main equipment in the hot air deviceit been widely used in the current industrial and mining enterprises, heating and ventilation systems of large buildings. The radiator heat medium can be steam or hot water. Steam working pressure of 0.3 to 16 kg / square cm, and the hot water temperature is about 130 -70.
SRZ radiator is arranged by three rows of smooth air flow to the fork spiral fin tubes (pipes) bundle composed of fin tubes are OD21 X 2mm seamless steel pipes wound on a 15 X 0.5mm fold strip from spiral piece away from 5mm - the "D", the "Z" in 6mm - 8mm - small "X" Three 38 specifications. SRZ radiator is characterized by compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy to install, easy management, durable, and it not only applies to central air heating, but also applies to local heating or other purposes.


GL II radiator
Air conditioning, cooling and dehumidification works for the paper, chemical, textile and other companies. Because of its small heat pipes and fin density, so the effect is good.


SRZ type numbering:
Decimeter number of models - ventilation cross-section length size of the whole X ventilation section width size decimeter of the whole (piece lying Code), such as ventilation of the normal section length 1505mm, width 1001, large-scale, on-chip distance of 5mm compared with SRZ-15 X 10 (D).


The FUL radiator - new type of heat exchanger device, which uses a steel-aluminum fin tubes with excellent cal performance and to compensate for the thermal stress of the floating head structure, so that it is conducting oil (also known as the organic thermal carrier or thermal coal body), the best choice for air heating heat exchanger device for the heat transfer medium. cent years, the radiator has been widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, rubber, leather, wood processing, coating paint industry has achieved satisfactory results. Steel-aluminum finned tubes, advanced manufacturing technology, it is steel, aluminum pipes compound on a special machine rolling, steel base tubes (pipes) and aluminum fins are linked closely together, it has a low thermal resistance, heat transfer performance, high strength loss, flow, corrosion resistance, long working life. teel-aluminum fin tubes (pipes) specifications of the performance table below. Note: other specifications can be processed according to user needs)
Outer diameterD(mm) 50
Fin heighth(mm) 11.5
Fin thickness(mm) 0.3
Fin pitch(mm)2.5
Aluminum tubes (pipes) wall thickness(mm) 1
pipes wall thickness (mm) 2 2
The total surface areaSw(m 2 /m) 1.206
Aluminum tubes (pipes) wall thickness 18.28


The floating head structure to ensure the heat sink temperature difference between high work environment and equipment began to run when the huge thermal stress can be an effective compensation. FUL radiator may have a different surface of the tubes (pipes) length, number of tubes and the number of rows to form a variety of specifications, the process can be made according to user needs dual process, process, popular and multi-process, the user departments can be arbitrarily chosen as needed. FUL pe radiator model specifications: Model - windward side decimeter number of whole X windward wide the decimeter number of whole. Such as: the windward side of the long 1000mm, the windward wide 837mm. (compared to: FUL - 10 X 8)
The heat pipe air pre-heater is specialized used in fuel, coal, gas boiler equipment, installed in the boiler smoke vents or flue for heating air with the flue gas waste heat recovery. Hot air can be used as boiler combustion and dry materials. Heat pipe air pre-heater obtains hot and cold fluid tube boxis separated on both sides of the channel by the middle partition. Heat pipes are all finned tube, single heat pipes can be replaced freely. High temperature flue gas from the left channel is upward mobility, washing heat pipes, meanwhile, heat pipes absorbs heat, flue gas release heat energy and temperature drop. Heat pipes lead the absorbed heat energy to the right end, cold air from the right side of the channel down reverse wash heat pipes, at this time, heat pipe release heat which is absorbed by air. Waste heat recovery unit's outlet flue gas temperature is not below to the dew point.


The performance characteristics of heat pipe waste heat recovery unit :
1, easy installation: The installation of waste heat recovery unit do not need changes existing position of boilers or industrial furnaces.
2. Safe and reliable: the superconducting heat pipe has good isothermality performance, the vibration generated by heat conductivity make no dirt deposition and ventilation resistance, always maintain a good heat transfer efficiency, does not affect the work of the boiler or furnace.
3, long life: the superconducting heat pipe heat recovery unit life is about over 10 years, a single heat pipe can be replaced freely and make maintenance simple and cost low .
4, Good energy conservation: large-scale industrial furnace efficiency can be increased more than 10% energy saving up, small and medium oil, gas, coal-fired boiler efficiency can be increased by 3% -18%.
5, short period of recovery of investment: 3 to 8 months generally can recover the full investment.

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