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Boiler tubes, heat exchanger tubes

Welded pipes

L, LL, KL finned tubes (finned tubes)

G embedded fin tubes (finned tubes)

(serrated) extruded finned tubes

high frequency welded (serrated) fin tubes (finned tubes)

Laser welded fin tubes (finned tubes)

hot dipped galvanized oval (elliptical) finned tubes, rectangular fin tubes

condenser fin flat tubes

inner finned tubes (finned tubes)

Studded Pipes

H / double H fin tubes (finned tubes)

longitudinal fin tubes (finned tubes)

Tube finning machine

Aluminum plates, strips,foils

Aluminum welding wire rod

Aluminum tubes, profile

Economizer for Boiler

air-cooled heat exchanger (air cooler)

seamless fin tubes with two longitudinal opposite fins


standard & specification


magvantMagvant is high-tech enterprise with capacity of design, research and development on various finned tubes ( fin tubes), tube finning machine, tubes and pipe fittings, air-cooled heat exchanger (air cooler), economizer, etc. Magvant mainly serve for industries like petrochemical, power generation, equipment fabricating of Heat Exchangers, boilers, condensers, feed water heaters, evaporators, air-coolers, waste heat recovery unit (whru), heat recovery steam generator(hrsg), and so on.


Main products are boiler tubes, heat exchanger tubes, welded pipes, L, LL, KL finned tubes, G embedded fin tubes, (serrated) extruded finned tubes, hot dipped galvanized oval (elliptical) finned tubes, rectangular finned tubes, laser welded finned tubes, spiral finned tubes, high frequency welded helical (spiral) finned tubes, condenser fin flat tubes, inner finned tubes, double H finned tubes, longitudinal fin tubes (finned tubes), studded pipes, etc., tube finning machines, various non-standard heat exchangers like air-cooled heat exchanger (air cooler),air pre-heater, air heater, economizer, etc. We also produce boiler accessories like Elbow, Tee, Cross, Reducer, Cap, Bend, Stub end. Our special products are Aluminum plates, strips,foils, Aluminum welding wire rod, Aluminum tubes, profile.


Magvant have 15 tube finning production lines for fin tubes made of steel and aluminum, 2 production lines of nickel based brazing fin tubes, 6 automatic production line of high frequency welded spiral finned tube, with the capacity of over 10000 meters of fin tubes made of steel and aluminum per day, and 5,000 tons of carbon steel, low alloy steel or stainless steel spiral welded fin tubes and capacity of various equipments for heat exchange use


Magvant depends on industry association, professional collaboration and combining research and production, give full play to the advantage of the heat exchanger products and become bigger and stronger. Magvant has invested and participate to build independent operation union company in Jiangsu, shanghai. Products scales has been greatly expanded.

Our products are sales to both domestic and oversea countries like America, Canada, south America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East, We sincerely work with both domestic and foreign customers with quality products and services.

We take EARNEST, PROFESSIONAL, PERFECT as Magvant motto. Magvant mission is to satisfy industrial developments. Welcome for the cooperation.

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