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Nov, 2016 : oval finned tubes

Oct, 2016 : G embedded finned tubes

Sep, 2016 : L, LL, KL finned tubes

Aug, 2016 : laser welded finned tubes

Jul, 2016 : welded finned tubes

June, 2016 : high frequency welded finned tubes

June, 2016 : nickel brazed welded finned tubes

June, 2016 : H/double H finned tubes

June, 2016 : inner finned tubes

June, 2016 : studded pipes

June, 2016 : serrated welded finned tubes

June, 2015 : total 16 Economizer modules delivered to customers

Nov. 2014: laser welded tube finning machine is put into production

Sep. 2007: KL tube finning machine is put into production and available for selling

June. 2005: boiler tubes and heat exchanger tubes SA179, SA192, ASTM A335 P22, P5 export

May. 2016 oval tubes

May 2016. BWG.-Birmingham Wire Gauge or Stubs Iron Wire Gauge

Apr.. 2016. EN 10216-2 16Mo3 Alloy Steel Tubes for Pressure Purpose

Mar. 2016. Procedure of hot dipped galvanized oval (elliptical) fin tubes ,rectangular fins tubes

Feb.. 2016. ASTM A335 Pipe Specifications

Jan. 2016. steel tubes (pipes) acc. to ASTM A209, ASTM A209M

Dec.. 2015. ASTM A333 steel tubes

Nov. 2015. ASTM A334 alloy steel tubes for heat exchanger & boilers

Oct. 2015. ASME SA-214 welded carbon steel tubes

Sep. 2015. ASME SA 178 welded carbon steel tubes

Aug.. 2015. Air pre-heaters, air heat exchanger

May. 2015. Pressure vessel plates ASTM A516

Apr.. 2015. Vacuum furnace heat exchanger

June. 2013. Some sugguestion about problems during Galvanizing processing

Aug. 2007. Steel tubes' standards, general used in boiler, heat exchangers in petrochemical industry

Jul. 2006. Steel tubes' standards

Jun. 2005. Steel tube's tolerances in dimensions

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