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Studded Pipes(STUD)

Fields of Application:
Furnaces, Chemical Petrochemical-Industry, Power stations etc. where liquid media under high pressure are to be heated or cooled.

Advantages: Due to their high rigidity, studded pipes can be used even under extreme temperature and pressure conditions.

Manufacturing Process: Studs are fully automatically welded onto the tubes (pipes) by resistance welding.
Materials: Base tubes (pipes) & Studs Carbon Steel Low Alloy Steel Stainless Steel
Length: Up to 30 meters. If necessary with circumferential weld, 100% x-rayed. If required pressure tested.
Studs: General Stud spacing 1/8" (16mm) = 63 Stud rows per meter
Type of Studs: Cylindrical , elliptical or lens type
studded pipes


Pin tubes (pin fin tubes,pin fin tubes)
Pin fin tubes (fin tubes) is a high thermal efficiency heat transfer fin tubes (fin tubes). Using helically wound copper wire, the external fins is mechanically bonded to the base tubes (pipes) via solder. Pin fin tubes (fin tubes) is suitable for a wide variety of air-blast cooling applications including process liquids and gasses, oil, diesel fuel, high pressure water and steam. Pin fin tubes can be manufactured using a variety of base tubes (pipes) materials including copper, brass, copper/nickel, brass, carbon steel and stainless steel.

Wire wound internal turbulators are added to enhance thermal performance for viscous fluids such as oil, and for certain gasses, including compressed air and steam.

As the density of the external fin and internal turbulator are variable, Pin fin tubes (fin tubes) can be readily optimized to suit individual applications. This product is fully integrated into Air Radiators standard range of heat exchanger packages, and is also available as loose tubes.

Pin tubes (pin fin tubes,pin fin tubes)intensified heat-transfer component, as a kind of new type heat-transfer component, owns several main advantages as follows. Firstly, no matter the fume scours away tubes (pipes) bundle broadways or lengthways, all of aciculiform extended surface are scoured by fume turbulent flow broadways and airflow forms steady-state whirlpool and reversed-flow region symmetrical to each other behind column back of needle rib. As thermal boundary layer is constantly destroyed and re-form after destroy, the whole heat-transfer surface boundary layer thins down and then thermal resistance reduces, heat-transfer coefficient enhancing greatly as a consequence. Secondly, as Pin tubes (pin fin tubes,pin fin tubes)is a kind of cantilevered structure, under the impact effect of airflow, needle rib will vibrate, making fume difficult to accumulate on the tube, plus intense turbulent-flow scouring of fume, Pin tubes (pin fin tubes,pin fin tubes)intensified heat-transfer component is endowed with stronger self-cleaning capacity. In addition, owning compact structure, low unit heat-interchange quantity and metal consumption, Pin tubes (pin fin tubes,pin fin tubes)is a kind of recommendable intensified component.

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